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Our team here at B&C is collaborating with Clear Channel Media and the fine folks at WGIR AM-610 and News Radio 96.7 as an official financial advisor in a new monthly program. The last Monday of every month at 7:30 AM representatives from Baldwin & Clarke will join NH Today host Jack Heath live in studio to discuss today’s financial headlines and explain important issues affecting NH residents. Equally as important, we hope our segment provides listeners with a trusted place to turn for their own questions. Live shows can also be accessed streaming over the internet via iHeartRadio!

Please find our recent radio appearances listed below:


10-27-14: Chuck Baldwin addresses headline news, prevailing economic conditions, and shares his thoughts on how investors can best navigate market volatility.

9-29-14: Sean Clarke speaks with Jack Heath about the current conditions of the US and global economies and the respective states of the market.

8-25-14: Chuck Baldwin speaks with Jack Heath about the utility and benefit of life insurance when it comes to business and estate planning.

7-28-14: Sean Clarke talks with Jack Heath about international turmoil impacting the markets and the NH business climate.

6-30-14: Sean Clarke provides perspective: 1) The market at the halfway point, 2) Whether the market is getting ahead of the economy, and 3) How to identify opportunities in the midst of a strong market run.

5-27-14: Chuck Baldwin & Bill Conrad share thoughts on exit planning, valuation, and maximizing the value of your business in a sale.

4-28-14: Tim Paradis & Sean Clarke hold Q&A session on 2014 market positioning, how to transition your business to the next generation, and more.

3-31-14: Sean Clarke & Tim Paradis discuss planning strategies for tax season

3-7-14: Tim Paradis details the impact of Ukraine unrest and  the recent market volatility

2-24-14:  Chuck Baldwin talks Baldwin & Clarke integrated offerings, universal concerns of entrepreneurs, and the current economic climate

2-04-14: Tim Paradis calls into NH Today to talk market correction with Jack Heath.

1-27-14: Sean Clarke & Tim Paradis discuss how to react to strong market run & provide overview of Baldwin & Clarke.


7-25-13: B&C Principal Chuck Baldwin speaks with Jack Heath re: Detroit’s bankruptcy situation

Please Note:

The content and language expressed in our radio appearances should not be construed or interpreted as investment recommendations or advice. The content provided on this page is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. Actual investment or financial advice provided by Baldwin & Clarke professionals is individually tailored to each client and their unique individual circumstances and needs. You should consult your personal investment advisor for information and/or advice applicable to your individual circumstances.